AVI Networks past iedereen

Patrick Louwe bespreekt op het AVI Network AVIATORS partnerevent met Dilip Timal owaardoor AVI Networks aansluit op de strategische keuzes van it2grow.

ANY Cloud. ANY App. ONE Avi.

Je kiest voor AVI Networks voor load balancing, web application firewall en Service mesh voor elke applicatie, in elk data center in elke cloud.

Multi-Cloud Consistency

Simplify administration with centralized policies and operational consistency

Life Cycle Automation

Free teams from manual tasks with application delivery automation.

Future Proof

Extend application services seamlessly to cloud-native and containerized applications

Pervasive Analytics

Gain unprecedented insights with application performance monitoring and security

Software-defined application services

Avi Networks delivers multi-cloud application services with intelligent automation and elasticity across any cloud. The Avi Vantage Platform provides a Software Load Balancer, Intelligent Web Application Firewall (iWAF) and Elastic Service Mesh to ensure fast, scalable, and secure application delivery.